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August 29, 2009 / Katie

Beauty for Ashes: Conniving and Sinister

In today’s post in the Beauty for Ashes series, I want to talk about the importance of laughter, sarcasm, and even mockery when it comes to oppression. Oppression really is serious business—it is painful, it is harmful, it prevents us from living our lives fully—but sometimes, it can also be ridiculous and laughable. Making a mockery of oppressive systems doesn’t mean we’re not taking them seriously, it just means that honestly, sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville is doing just that in a comic strip she started recently called “Conniving and Sinister,” inspired by Frank & Ernest, a comic strip in which “two old sraight white guys ‘tell it like it is.'” With her permission, I am posting yesterday’s strip, and I invite you to go check them out, because all of them are just fabulous.


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