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October 20, 2009 / Katie

Fat-Talk Free Week

This week is Fat-Talk Free week. It’s a week to stop saying, “I’m too fat” or “look at my rolls!” or “I really need to lose 10 pounds.” Here’s the official video:

I think this is great, but my only issue here is, again, the focus on health as if that, instead of the perfect body size, is the holy grail. What does this do to people who aren’t healthy, can’t be healthy, or just don’t choose to have that be their main goal in life? I’m also concerned that it opens the doors to the idea of, “well, of course many of the people that society calls fat are really okay just as they are, but there is still SOME level of fat that’s too fat! I mean, just look at that guy who weighed 600 pounds and they had to air lift him from his bed!”

So anyway. I love the idea of encouraging people to abstain from “fat talk” for a week and see how life might be different. And at the same time, let’s be careful about elevating health too high, or thinking that there is still a level of fat that is still unacceptable.



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  1. Rachel / Oct 20 2009 12:23 pm

    I don’t see a disconnect with putting the focus back on health, which is a relative construct that varies by person, especially when health is as much mental as physical. Much of the fat hate today is guised in concerns about health, but it’s really driven by longstanding cultural, religious and aesthetic associations. Putting a focus on health means putting a focus on mental, emotional, occupational, physical and intellectual wellness and not simply on just the appearance of health.

  2. Nicole / Oct 20 2009 9:37 pm

    I agree with the commenter above me. I view health as relative to the person and encompassing a variety of ideals. There are skinny people who aren’t healthy and there are fat people aren’t healthy. While I don’t think I have the right to force them to modify their life to attempt to change that – I do think that “health” is a..uh..healthy ideal/goal.

    with that said, I know for me – and for many others – my first goal had to be acceptance of myself as is without making ANY value judgment whatsoever. Once I got there I am better able to focus on parts of my life that I would like to be healthier without getting carried away and hating part of myself for not being healthy enough.

  3. helene / Oct 20 2009 11:06 pm

    im really pleased you are in australia, yes being fat has ruined my life

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