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March 30, 2010 / Katie

Lilith Fair donations to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

I never got a chance to go to Lilith fair back in the 90’s, probably because I was just a bit too young to go to a concert three hours away. For years, I’ve been hoping they’d bring it back, and was so delighted to hear the announcement about a year ago that there would be a Lilith Fair 2010.

I hadn’t purchased tickets yet for myself and my husband, mostly out of laziness, but I’m glad that I haven’t. Lilith Fair has announced that they are donating $1 of ticket sales to local charities and have lists of charities that people can vote for in each area. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are part of the list of charities for Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Seattle.

A Facebook group has arisen to protest this. So far I don’t know if any other efforts have come about.

I am not against organizations seeking to help single mothers with access to services and goods or helping pair pregnant women with prospective adoptive parents. What I absolutely cannot support is organizations which use bait-and-switch tactics to deceive women into thinking they’re going into a clinic that provides abortions only to find out that it doesn’t, and perhaps even worse, providing deceptive and misleading information about fetal development, physical and psychological risks of abortion, and supposed links between abortion and things like breast cancer.

These organizations lie to women. Many of them use federal funds to do so. And I am ashamed to say that almost all of these organizations describe themselves as Christian.

Watch this video for more information:

And if you are thinking about going to Lilith Fair in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, or Seattle—or going anywhere else, really—perhaps think carefully about where your money is going to go and what organizations you implicitly endorse by doing so.

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  1. Limor / Mar 30 2010 9:52 pm

    These crisis pregnancy centers aren’t just set up to prevent abortion. Once women have been convinced by the pressure tactics and falsehoods into keeping their pregnancies, they’re then pressured into relinquishing their babies for adoption. It’s a huge money maker for these “charities” and creates a constant supply of infants for “Christian” couples to adopt. It’s seriously sickening.

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