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March 31, 2010 / Katie

Lilith Fair Update

The Stranger has an article up about this.

To clarify, apparently the organization listed for Seattle is New Beginnings Home, which is not exactly a Crisis Pregnancy Center, but it is clearly a pro-life organization affiliated with Youth With A Mission. The good thing about this charity is that they provide a safe home for young women who have chosen to carry their pregnancy to term and have nowhere else to go. What concerns me is the website is not very forthcoming at all about what beliefs and theology they hold. YWAM and ministries like it are famous for bait and switch evangelization techniques, so the lack of forthrightness on the website about the evangelical goals of New Beginnings Home is a major red flag to me about this organization.

So, while it’s not a Crisis Pregnancy Center, exactly, I am still very disappointed that Lilith Fair lists this as one of the charities on the Seattle page.

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