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April 2, 2010 / Katie

Lilith Fair has removed CPC’s from ballots

RH Reality Check has the story:

This morning, four days after releasing a list of local charities–including several crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and maternity homes–as potential recipients of grant money from the Lilith music festival tour, organizers today dropped the CPCs from the Lilith Tour Choose Your Charity Contest. Also dropped, however, was NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina in Raleigh, NC. However the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, GA, which provides women’s health services including but not limited to abortion remains on the list.

The maternity homes remain including: Maggie’s Place in Phoenix, Ariz., Mother’s Refuge in Kansas City, Mo., New Beginnings Home in Seattle, Wash., Our Lady’s Inn and The Haven of Grace both located in St. Louis, Mo. Critics say some of these are associated with the anti-choice movement (those who are anti-contraception, anti-choice on pregnancy, and provided biased information).

I checked, and the New Beginnings Home in Seattle is taken away (perhaps there was some confusion because there is a different charity on Seattle’s page called New Beginnings).

If you were half as upset as me that Lilith Fair was tacitly condoning organizations that exist solely to manipulate and deceive women, please consider taking action to stop their false advertising.

I’m curious: those of you are following this along with me, are you any more or less likely to attend Lilith Fair as a result of all this? Frankly, it has left a bad taste in my own mouth and I’m now not sure I want to go. I’m curious to know how other people are feeling.

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