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April 9, 2010 / Katie

Quick follow-up to yesterday’s diet post

JeninCanada posted yesterday somewhat in response to my post, and some of the replies she got were incredibly nuanced and thoughtful. They helped me to continue to discern what the line really is for me in terms of diet talk. I would recommend to any of you who haven’t seen that post yet, go check it out and read the comments!


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  1. JeninCanada / Apr 9 2010 1:05 pm

    D’awww. <3 I love how posters in the Fattyosphere work together on stuff.
    Also, I apologize for the crappy ads that run on my site. I use a Adblock Plus for Firefox and it lets me block the entire frame or specific ads. Its' awesome.

  2. Katie / Apr 9 2010 1:11 pm

    oh I didn’t see the ads myself because I use Adblock too!

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