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November 5, 2010 / Katie

More on the man who sued McDonald’s

I’ve been doing some poking around online and found out some more details about this story.  The NY Times has a slightly more comprehensive article here, which says the guy worked at McD’s for “a dozen years.”  That certainly makes it seem a lot more likely that the weight gain isn’t related to his eating habits there.

Another more snarky article on a website called Minyanville:

But, therein lies what really elevates this case beyond the heights of absurdity. “Fat,” in this instance, is a total weight-gain of 65 lbs. over the course of 12 years.

That’s 5.4 lbs. per year.

0.10 lbs. per week.

The guy is 32 now, which means he was about 20 when he started working for McD’s.  I wonder how common it is for people to put on about that much weight when they come out of their teenage years.

Anyway, thanks for all the good comments yesterday, folks.  I agree with most of you; I think this is frivolous and it’s one of the extremely rare times I find myself supporting McDonald’s (that is, hoping that they will fight this because it sets a ridiculous precedent).


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  1. Twistie / Nov 5 2010 10:33 am

    You know, my major weight gain took place over pretty much that same time frame and without major lifestyle changes. Okay, I changed jobs a couple times during that period, but they were all active jobs (food service and retail) and I walked to work every day. Almost all those jobs were in the same mall, which was about a half a mile walk from my home.

    The thing is this is also the period where the vast majority of my relatives on my fathers’ side gained a large amount of weight, from my great-great grandmother right down to about half of my cousins and all three of my brothers. The other cousins took after their rail-thin father’s side of their family.

    This sounds like a case of genetics rather than eating habits.

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