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February 4, 2011 / Katie

Fleshy Fridays: ability to heal

Welcome to Fleshy Fridays, a place I set aside to talk about a specific thing I am grateful for about my body.

So I started Fleshy Fridays two weeks ago and I find it a little ironic that I didn’t even do it the second week.  But, there’s a good reason for it—last week I was sicker than I’ve been in years.

Whatever crud my husband so generously brought home for me had me coughing, sniffling, and exhausted for about a week and a half.  As a therapist, the worst part about it was that my voice was all but gone, forcing me to cancel several of my clients and only just barely get through the sessions I did keep, with the help of hot tea and cough drops.

And so yeah, I didn’t get around to blogging last Friday, as I was feeling pretty rough. I’m getting better now, slowly but surely (this cold is a doozy).

And so what I’m so very grateful for this week is my body’s amazing ability to heal itself.  I took no prescribed meds; just over-the-counter meds on the worst days and a few home aids (like my neti pot and the aforementioned tea and lozenges) to ease symptoms.  But other than that, my body its healing itself quite nicely given the time and space and rest to do so.

And that is amazing.

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