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March 11, 2011 / Katie

Fleshy Fridays: hugs & cuddles

Welcome to Fleshy Fridays, a place I set aside to talk about a specific thing I am grateful for about my body.

Today I am so grateful for my body’s ability to connect with the bodies of others in the form of hugs and cuddles. I’m not generally a big fan of touching people I won’t know well. But once I trust someone and consider them family or a close friend, I absolutely adore hugs and cuddles. I’m one of those people who can literally feel the physiological effects of touch within seconds. My blood pressure drops, my breathing slows down, and my heart rate decreases. That my body allows me to connect with the bodies of others in such a loving and life-giving way is an incredible gift.

Even better is that with a big, fat body the hugs and cuddles can be even more comforting. Talk about “fleshy”! When someone hugs me, they’re not just hugging a stick, they are hugging something that is solid and soft and envelops them in ways a thinner body never could. So hugging or cuddling with people whose bodies are my size or fatter is even better!

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