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March 12, 2011 / Katie

I am starting a mailing list

Hey folks, I am starting up a mailing list in my capacity as a psychotherapist and United Methodist Deacon. It will consist of monthly newsletters and the occasional announcement/informational email between, but no more than 2-3 emails per month. The newsletters will deal with a variety of topics relating to spirituality and mental health, with reflections and tips that I believe will be of value to readers.  Not every issue will deal with fat liberation, but some will (March’s issue addresses a question I received via formspring that is related to eating disorders).

If you’re interested in signing up to receive these emails, click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the left column.

You will receive a confirmation email, with a link you will need to click to confirm your subscription. You will be able to easily unsubscribe at any time.

And while I’m at it, let me also ask you: what sorts of things would you find of value in a monthly newsletter from someone with my unique combination of expertise in spirituality, mental health, and fat liberation?

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  1. joannadeadwinter / Apr 24 2011 1:47 pm

    I personally would LOVE to see reflections on the meaning of sin and how fat and mentally ill people are used as representations of sin. Some advice and personal stories about how to integrate those messages in a healthful way would be awesome.

    Something else I would be interested in would be a discussion of religious symbolism in Christian art as it pertains to fat and disability or other political topics. I see a lot of death and resurrection themes that use old age and disability as metaphors, and I find them powerful but problematic at the same time.


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