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About Katie

I am a psychotherapist and teacher, and I am a United Methodist Deacon.  I spend my time and energy doing paid and unpaid work that helps people to live more full, joyful, and connected lives.  I am committed to justice for the oppressed and liberation for all.

This blog was inspired by a Theologies of Liberation class I took in seminary taught by Flora Wilson Bridges. As a person with a complicated mix of social privilege and oppression, I bring my unique viewpoint as a white, fat, mostly-neurotypical, mostly able-bodied, bisexual young woman. I recognize that I experience a variety of privileges and oppressions, and try to be cognizant of this, so I welcome good faith critique when my understanding falls short or if my privilege gets in the way of the Good News that each one of us is beloved exactly the way we are, that we can be healed, and that freedom is possible.

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